Using of alcohol, alcoholic beverages or drugs in and around the festival site is strictly prohibited. When caught the police will be called.

Visitors entering the festival site agree that photographers can photograph them, make videos and publish them after the festival.

The festival management is not responsible for any damage to your personal belongings during the festival.

It is not allowed to bring your own food or drinks to the festival site.

It is prohibited to distribute flyers, brochures or promotional material in and around the festival site.

Festival security reserves the right to refuse people who are found unsuitable.

Childeren under the age of 12 may only enter the festival site under the supervision of an adult.

Animals are not allowed on the festival site. Assistance dogs are excluded.

The use of abusive words and inappropriate behavior are not permitted in the festival site.

Visitors of the festival must agree to a possible search at the entrance.

It is strictly forbidden to carry battle, shock and firearms. Leave all objects that can be seen as weapons at home.

The stamp and the ticket for the festival must be with you during the event. If you lose it, no new ones will be issued.

It is forbidden to perform commercial activities in and around the festival site without permission from the festival management.