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To date, social activities are supported by our valued business people around the world. The activities carried out for our society are of great importance for our future generations.

Sponsors are one of the most important revenues to keep the quality of a festival high. As a Turquoise / Haags Turks Festival family, we offer our valued business people services in specific areas to promote their companies and contribute to your brand value by presenting your company to thousands of visitors. Our work contributes to the commercial interests of our sponsors through social media, posters, flyers, large banners on the festival grounds and much more. Thanks to our expert media team, we are constantly improving our media services to better qualify our festival.

The business people who want to sponsor our festival can contact us using the form on the right. For more information about sponsoring, contact us via our contact page. Thanks to your financial support, our festival will grow and come to better places. We are convinced that we cannot move forward without the businessmen.